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Irkutsk Regional Museum

July 1, 2013


This is a view of the museum and the window in the previous post . We have visited several of these museums in our travels that have tried to tell the story of “their” Siberia. It is really quite interesting to note, not only how they present their story, but how they treat the indigenous peoples, the Russians and their expansion into Siberia, the Soviet period and the post-Soviet period. There is so much information to digest!

Irkutsk is a very “European” city. The architecture of the city is widely known for the wooden architecture. Irkutsk began as a merchant city, without the typical Russian class (or “estate” as the Russian sociologists call them) structure. There were essentially no nobles here. Eventually, this region became a place of exile for various enemies of the Russian state, both in the Imperial period and the Soviet era. This place on the Trans-Siberian railroad is considered the entrance to the Far East of Russia.

It was the influence of the exiles, particularly the Decembrists, contributed to the lasting European influences. I will expand on this in future posts.

I will try to post some photos of the traditional wooden architecture in the city soon.


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