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Preparations for the Tuvan Folk Festival

June 13, 2013


These children were rehearsing for the festival. Tonight we are going to the ceremony to mark the opening of the festival and tomorrow we will spend the day watching the throat singing events and exploring the festival more.

This afternoon Allash, one of the Tuvan throat singing ensembles, along with Sean Cork, gave us a demonstration of the different kinds of throat singing. I don’t know if I can post the videos here, but they are really terrific. We have now met some of the top throat singers in the world today. We also got to see the studio where the founder of the National Orchestra of Tuva makes instruments and he spoke with us about how the instruments are made, what materials are traditionally used and why and we had what he described as the “best throat singer in China” sing and play for us as well.

We walked around this afternoon, saw the local market and I tried to find a place to get my glasses fixed since they broke on the bathroom floor last night. So I have had some “daily grind” experiences today as well.



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  1. Chancy permalink

    Jenn and I are loving your updates! I hope you get your glasses fixed!! Keep posting because we are loving it!

    • Good! I am glad someone is reading it. I wish I had a day to write for every day that we are here so that I could get more into the blog.

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